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Thursday, October 29, 2020

James Worthington

James is a sports journalist from Leicestershire with diverse experience in the sports media, industry spanning from English Football League clubs to BT Sport. Alongside his work in the UK, he produced content in Amsterdam for a national football team, and has interviewed several legends of the game. James mainly enjoys sports photography, playing football and cooking (when he isn't setting the smoke alarm off).

British American Football: A Sport Rising in the South

Bournemouth Bobcats’ wide receiver coach Jason Griffith believes that British American Football has the potential to develop from the amateur level. But how exactly...

Academy Rugby: Maturing on the Pitch

This is a warming analysis from Bournemouth Rugby Club’s Head of Academy, Jo Burns. He is a former player and coach who now carefully oversees the club’s next crop of young players looking to make the difficult leap from academy development to the senior rugby level. Burns and his staff coach several youth teams at Bournemouth, ranging from various ages as they aim to help these youngsters develop both on and off the field...

Youth Development: The Key for Poole Town Ladies Football Club

With financial concern and facility funding being a frequent issue for many clubs in the lower professional tiers, the method of generating hometown talent through the club’s youth teams is certainly an intriguing one. Shane Terry, head coach at Poole Town Ladies, has taken a keen interest in the development system and believes that the women’s game can produce the quality needed to improve the image of the sport...

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Top 5 Noodle Restaurants in Bournemouth

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#ThrowbackThursday – Bournemouth Pier

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David G Taylor, Artist / Writer

My artwork sometimes features textile-like abstract patterns and colours that reference artists such as Alexander Calder and Joan Miro. I’ve developed a language of ambiguous shapes and marks that could be read as purely decorative, but on closer inspection suggests otherwise. As a collagist, I’m influenced by the Dada and Pop Art movements. There's also definitely a Punk aesthetic. I’m obsessed with lurid Day-Glo colours, and I’m trying not just to appropriate photographs, but often to annihilate them...