About Us

HQB Media

What is HQB Media?

HQB Media combines a human interest magazine with a tourism blog, all based around the people of Bournemouth and its surrounding areas. This is all then put together as one online multimedia platform.

We love telling stories of anyone and everyone in the area and uniting them all as one community. Regardless of their backgrounds, education or interests, we believe everyone has a story to tell about why they do what they do, what inspired them to do it, and what they have achieved along the way. Whether artistic, athletic, entrepreneurial, charitable or political.

Ideally, we like to present this on video, but we enjoy the idea of the written article and the podcast just as much. But our mission isn’t just people-centric. We relish the opportunity to keep our followers up-to-date with all local goings-on, events, festivals, openings and lots more.