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Top 5 Record Shops in Bournemouth

Sales of vinyls are at a 25-year high, Record Store Day is a widely anticipated annual event – people of all ages are once again embracing analogue music. Here are the top 5 record stores in the area to satisfy your musical cravings…

Bournemouth’s Connections to the Literary World

At first, Tolkien and his wife Edith, would only holiday in Bournemouth. Once again, they would always stay in the one place, this time it being the Hotel Miramar on the East Cliff. However, when Edith became increasingly frail, Tolkien closed the door on Oxford, and the couple retired to a modest, now demolished, bungalow that backed onto Branksome Chine, where they lived until Edith died in 1971…

Shaun Horlock, Artist / Designer

Designer and artist Shaun Horlock is the founder of Openmind

There’s a long and personal reason as to why I called the brand Openmind. Essentially, I had a really rough time one summer. Came out of it feeling like I needed quite a few changes in my life. I still had some good experiences and it led me to the point where I was thinking, ‘There’s more out there than what I’m getting.’ It was a point where I was depressed and couldn’t face the outside world. Openmind saved me in a weird, roundabout way…