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Nathan Emmanuel, Musician & Journalist

Initially, that was through university. In my final year, I had to make either a presentation or a mini documentary piece. Now, me being me, living outside the box, I didn’t just want to make that regular documentary-style kind of thing, and talk about my so-called financial issues during university. I wanted to make it different; I wanted to put it in a narrative form that people are more likely to connect with and engage with. Something different that catches their eye a bit more, and that’s what really inspired the rapumentary style…

Zoltan Torre, Musician

Zoltan Torre, or just "zoltan." is a musician and singer based in Bournemouth

I always say that nothing particular inspired me to write this song. I just wanted to make something fun that gets you moving. I found the guitar loop that you can hear at the start of the song, and me and my friend Jake immediately started working on it. Even what I talk about in the song doesn’t really relate to me. I imagine it to be about a night out, meeting someone and having that tension between the two, all just happening on that night only; maybe becoming a one-night stand…

Emma Gale, Singer-Songwriter

I always wanted to sing, so when I was like in my early teens I did something like the ‘gang show’ in Essex, where I come from, and that was the Scout movement. That was my first taste of being on the stage. Then I joined a local dramatic group and I did some shows and musicals when I was very young. I didn’t get into a band until I was 25; I started off as a backing singer in Cambridge for a covers band. Then I moved down here and set up my own band…

Josh Tucker, Actor / Musician

Josh Tucker is an actor, musician and director from Poole

I actually had two roles in the first show I ever did – “Bugsy Malone” at the Jellicoe, I played Babyface and Snake Eyes, and I have very fond memories from that show. Particularly my big moment as Babyface, coming out on stage with a baseball bat…

Bournemouth Backchat Episode #21 — Learning a New Skill, Becoming Prime Minister, and 5G (with special guest star Shaun Stacey)

Bournemouth Backchat Season 2 Episode 7

To mix things up at Bournemouth Backchat, we decided to invite guests onto the show to co-present. Our season chairperson James Boxall kicked it off this week by bringing fellow software developer Shaun Stacey along. Guest co-hosts will not only give a fresh voice to the show, but also provide one of the discussion points…

Dan Partridge, Performer (Part 2)

Performer Dan Partridge most recently played Danny in the UK tour of Grease, directed by Nikolai Foster

It’s a funny one because, in the industry, I thought Danny is a role I will never be able to play. Because he always has dark hair, etcetera, etcetera. Essentially, a John Travolta lookalike. That is what I’ve always seen in shows — guys with black hair, Italian descent, olive-coloured skin. And I thought, “That’s not me; I’m never going to get that”. Kenickie or Eugene, maybe, as they could be a little fairer-haired. So when I was auditioning for this version of Grease, again I had the scepticism that I won’t get the role. And I actually auditioned for Doody this time around – a younger character that could definitely be fairer-haired. I actually had this image in my mind that that was what they’d consider me for…

Dan Partridge, Performer

Dan Partridge is an award-winning actor and performer in the West End

A new jewel in the HQB interview crown now. An up-and-coming performer whose talents have not just graced this country, but on stages across Europe. We sat down with actor, singer and dancer Dan Partridge... The unpredictable lifestyle and schedule of a stage performer can wreak havoc on getting interviews with

Issy Whitlock Performs “Fire on Fire”

Issy Whitlock is a singer/songwriter and guitarist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqulHBMFiU8 There comes a time in every interview where we prefer to just let our subjects show us what they do best. As opposed to just talking about it. Issy Whitlock does so for us now... We have been saying for the last four weeks that it was a live performance that