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All About the Planet Earth Games (with Founder Chris Broadbent)

Chris Broadbent is the founder of the Planet Earth Games

Young people were increasingly concerned and so were we as an organisation, so we didn’t feel we could continue as we were, ordering crates and crates of single use plastic bottled water, using fossil fuels in our power generators and ordering medals made 6,000 miles away. We felt the urgency required some radical, inclusive and highly relevant changes, and so the Planet Earth Games were born…

Liam Ulla, Founder: The Coacoara Foundation

I have always wanted to own a charity, or something that can give back, throughout my life, and be there when I’m not here as well. Last year, I was approached to do ‘Mr Dorset’, which means that you represent Dorset for England, and if you win you then represent England for the world. I met a lady who gave me the inspiration to really push for what I want, what I believe in and what I could do, and to set up the foundation…

Chris Farrier-Ledden, Photographer

Chris Farrier-Ledden is a photographer from Bournemouth

I have always been quite artistic. When I was doing my GCSEs, I enjoyed painting and drawing – I still do even now. But I got into photography when I was in Year 11, so 15 or 16. I don’t think you had to photography but it helped towards a piece of coursework, and so I went with my dad to Corfe Castle, to shoot the sunrise. And I remember, it wasn’t even a particularly nice sunrise. But I always remember really enjoying it; I love being outdoors, camping, fishing and hiking, so I just really loved the experience…

Bournemouth Beach – Best in Europe?

Earlier this year, Bournemouth beach was voted one of the best in Europe by Tripadvisor, but what is it that makes this beach so great? Back in February this year, Bournemouth Beach was placed sixth in Tripadvisor's Traveller's Choice Beaches awards for 2019. This put Dorset's coastal spot above top destinations