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Bournemouth Backchat Episode #19 — An Easter Wonderland Festival, Resurrection and A Lockdown Birthday

Bournemouth Backchat Season 2 Episode 5

Dale kicks things off this week with a brainstorm of ideas for an Easter Wonderland Festival in Bournemouth. In the same vein as the Christmas one held these last couple of years. In true Backchat style, it doesn’t stay serious very long. Even when we move over to James’ subject — one of life (or death)’s great questions. Namely, resurrection and the idea of coming back from the dead…

Brand-new seafood restaurant Rockfish joins Poole Quay

Rockfish is the latest restaurant to make its home on Poole Quay

Rockfish also catch and cook their own fish. Their produce is sourced from Brixham Fish Market, (where Rockfish has its very own fishing boat) and local fishermen. From there, the chefs cook the fish on a planch, over a char-grill, or, of course, by traditionally frying. The restaurant will serve its much-loved fish and chips, in addition to a range of seafood which includes whole sea bass, prawns and Dover sole. Rockfish will also serve a local delicacy — Portland pearl oysters, meaning there is an incredible selection and variety available…

Nikolay Peronski Makes Ice Cream Sandwiches

Nikolay Peronski is the pastry chef of The Noisy Lobster in Mudeford

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGgWEWQVZhE&feature=youtu.be Pastry chef Nikolay Peronski let us into the Noisy Lobster's kitchen to give us a couple of demos. Starting with a particular favourite... In a first for HQB Media, we are able to demonstrate our talented locals doing what they do best on video! This is the second part of our

Taste of the Seychelles coming to Bournemouth!

A restaurant bringing genuine food from The Seychelles is coming to Bournemouth

Bournemouth and its visitors can soon enjoy an exotic new cuisine. Located in the heart of town and overlooking the Central Gardens, ‘Seychelles Gastronomy’ will be the latest restaurant to join the Square. However, this isn’t just any ordinary restaurant. Seychelles Gastronomy will offer an authentic taste of the tropical islands’ cuisine…