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Daniel Wretham, Photographer

Daniel Wretham is an acclaimed landscape photographer

Originally I purchased my first camera in my twenties, which was a film camera. I mainly shot wildlife and the occasional sunset with it, as I was very much a newbie and just shot things that interested me. But this fuelled my passion for it, despite film shooting being a lot more tricky to master than digital…

Dorset Coronavirus Archive Project Up and Running After “Fantastic” Response

Last week, a call-out was issued to anyone in Dorset who might want to “make history”. The Dorset History Centre and Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts, have partnered up to collate the “Corona Diary”. This project will archive a range of different people’s experiences of the coronavirus pandemic from across the county. In order to tell the story of the virus and its impact on Dorset for future generations…

Chris Farrier-Ledden, Photographer

Chris Farrier-Ledden is a photographer from Bournemouth

I have always been quite artistic. When I was doing my GCSEs, I enjoyed painting and drawing – I still do even now. But I got into photography when I was in Year 11, so 15 or 16. I don’t think you had to photography but it helped towards a piece of coursework, and so I went with my dad to Corfe Castle, to shoot the sunrise. And I remember, it wasn’t even a particularly nice sunrise. But I always remember really enjoying it; I love being outdoors, camping, fishing and hiking, so I just really loved the experience…

Another 5 Photographers in Bournemouth to Look Out For

Daniel Wretham is a specialist in landscape photography

Bournemouth can be described as a photographer’s dream. A landscape and scenery worthy of capturing anyone’s imagination. Meanwhile, these five collective individuals have captured the towns idyllic and quaint setting in the most effective ways. With the foundations of our publication being established on art and photography, we thought they’d be no better way than to highlight some of the town’s picture perfectionists…

Tom Ormerod, Photographer

Photographer Tom Ormerod

I didn’t do anything with photography for many years – just snaps. Then about 18 months, maybe two years ago, I just started taking more and more pictures and began posting them online. And I think that spurred me on, because it was interesting to see people’s reactions. It was interesting to see them go, “That’s a good picture!”, because to me it’s just a snap. That really helped me…