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Zoltan Torre, Musician

Zoltan Torre, or just "zoltan." is a musician and singer based in Bournemouth

I always say that nothing particular inspired me to write this song. I just wanted to make something fun that gets you moving. I found the guitar loop that you can hear at the start of the song, and me and my friend Jake immediately started working on it. Even what I talk about in the song doesn’t really relate to me. I imagine it to be about a night out, meeting someone and having that tension between the two, all just happening on that night only; maybe becoming a one-night stand…

Emma Gale, Singer-Songwriter

I always wanted to sing, so when I was like in my early teens I did something like the ‘gang show’ in Essex, where I come from, and that was the Scout movement. That was my first taste of being on the stage. Then I joined a local dramatic group and I did some shows and musicals when I was very young. I didn’t get into a band until I was 25; I started off as a backing singer in Cambridge for a covers band. Then I moved down here and set up my own band…

Issy Whitlock Performs “Fire on Fire”

Issy Whitlock is a singer/songwriter and guitarist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqulHBMFiU8 There comes a time in every interview where we prefer to just let our subjects show us what they do best. As opposed to just talking about it. Issy Whitlock does so for us now... We have been saying for the last four weeks that it was a live performance that

Mikey Ball Performs “Red Lights”

Mikey Ball performed Red Lights live in Bournemouth Gardens

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=An974uU_H7U&fbclid=IwAR1awC5092SZsyCctYzhfO4tAMzb8VJXwhIxuK--qgheK-rV3JoMr9zcriM What better perk of interviewing a musician than to hear and see them in action? Here, Mikey Ball performs one of his own creations, "Red Lights". If we film an interview, we like to ask the subject to show off their skills if possible. You have seen it before in our

Issy Whitlock — Drawing on Mature Themes

Issy Whitlock is a singer/songwriter and guitarist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUDaQYF5IHc Our sit-down with Issy Whitlock continues. The focus in this part of her story is from where she draws the inspiration for her songs... One of the things that first drew singer-songwriter Issy Whitlock to our attention when we went to see her live at the Lighthouse earlier this year was

Mikey Ball — The Band, The Songs, The Albums

Mikey Ball is a local singer and guitarist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTVKa953uiU&t=58s From his time as a solo artist, to forming Mikey Ball and the Company and producing albums. The next part in the story of this popular local musician... Mikey Ball first came to our attention as a solo guitarist and singer. But his two albums, the most recent of which was

Mikey Ball — Beginning with the Guitar

Mikey Ball is a local singer and guitarist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-unTYlzAeo Reuiniting with another familiar face from the Humans of Bournemouth age. Singer and guitarist Mikey Ball... This man will be familiar if you're a regular on the live music scene in Bournemouth. We heard some of the story of Mikey Ball when he released his second album last year. This time,

Sean, a.k.a. Seanoa Soul, Musician and Writer

Musician and writer Sean, a.k.a. Seanoa Soul

Seanoa Soul is the name I came up with when I decided I wanted something to reflect me. One of my favourite wrestlers is Samoa Joe, whose real last name is Seanoa. He literally has my name in his surname so I thought I’d use that. The “Soul” part came about just playing with the name, it fit what I was doing at the time, plus, I love alliteration…