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Bournemouth Backchat Episode #33 — Con Artists, £5 Billion on Bournemouth, and Saving the Arts

Bournemouth Backchat Season 2 Episode 19

Having tried to solve most of the bigger world issues and controversies already, our presenters were feeling a little more low-key this week, beginning with Dale contemplating a life of crime and starting a Hustle-style con artist family. James pulls us back into the realm of reality, debating how Boris’ £5 billion nest egg could be spent on improving Bournemouth. Aaron rounds things off with a subject incredibly relevant to him — about how important saving the arts is, and how our artistic venues can recover from the recent crisis…

Rick Walker, Artist / Creative Director

I have always loved drawing. I grew up in the late ’80s when people were really into hip-hop. Everyone wanted to be either a DJ, a breakdancer, or a graffiti artist. I was very bad for the two first ones, and actually quite good at drawing, so I got stuck to drawing. I got into graffiti at an early age and that’s what taught me that I had a passion for colours, typography, and illustration…

Matt England, Founder: Sun Rum

Sun Rum creator Matt England managed bars all over the country, including Bournemouth, before founding his brand.

About five years ago a friend and I went to a gin tasting evening and we were both at the point in our careers where we were both stable but were getting a bit restless with wanting to create something for ourselves; work for ourselves. So, I dipped my toes in spirits, manufacturing and retailing with gin and I loved the idea of it. But I felt the gin category was a very saturated market and I wanted to create something unique. I looked at a lot of data in regard to trends and other styles of drink and rum kept shouting out at me…

Josh Tucker, Actor / Musician

Josh Tucker is an actor, musician and director from Poole

I actually had two roles in the first show I ever did – “Bugsy Malone” at the Jellicoe, I played Babyface and Snake Eyes, and I have very fond memories from that show. Particularly my big moment as Babyface, coming out on stage with a baseball bat…

Ian Hargreaves, Artist

In a tiny studio, tucked in the back yard of his home in Poole, fine artist Ian Hargreaves creates dreamy paintings of Venice, lush scenery of the New Forest, and gentle scenes of everyday life. Then his paintings travel to galleries and private collections across England, Europe, and the US…

Dan Partridge, Performer

Dan Partridge is an award-winning actor and performer in the West End

A new jewel in the HQB interview crown now. An up-and-coming performer whose talents have not just graced this country, but on stages across Europe. We sat down with actor, singer and dancer Dan Partridge... The unpredictable lifestyle and schedule of a stage performer can wreak havoc on getting interviews with

Bournemouth Beach – Best in Europe?

Earlier this year, Bournemouth beach was voted one of the best in Europe by Tripadvisor, but what is it that makes this beach so great? Back in February this year, Bournemouth Beach was placed sixth in Tripadvisor's Traveller's Choice Beaches awards for 2019. This put Dorset's coastal spot above top destinations

Jamie Barter — How the Cocktail World is Evolving

Jamie Barter is the bar manager at Drgnfly, Poole. Credit: Bianca Paulescu Cojocariu

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQD6JQwOlg8 Our conversation with bar manager and mixologist Jamie Barter continues... In this next part of our series of video interviews, Jamie Barter talks about how the lines between cocktail-mixing and fine dining have steadily blurred over the years. Beetroot and radishes in cocktails - would you try that? We also chat

Susie Kimber, Vocalist

Susie Kimber is a jazz, Motown and soul vocalist

As a big music lover, my dad would put on the most amazing records, which I’d listen to. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, for example. Also, Burt Bacharach’s catalogue, which I absolutely adore and would love to replicate at some point. Then there’s John Barry’s compositions – stunning, epic music like that. Glenn Campbell, Herb Alpert; the list goes on. And I think my dad instilled in me a passion for so many different genres. If you love music, you love all music. I also remember listening to my brother’s AC/DC records; I even saw them in concert with Highway to Hell. My passion has come from all that – the exposure to these genres quite early on in my life and just loving every type of music…