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Rick Walker, Artist / Creative Director

I have always loved drawing. I grew up in the late ’80s when people were really into hip-hop. Everyone wanted to be either a DJ, a breakdancer, or a graffiti artist. I was very bad for the two first ones, and actually quite good at drawing, so I got stuck to drawing. I got into graffiti at an early age and that’s what taught me that I had a passion for colours, typography, and illustration…

Susan Newman, Upholstery Lecturer

Upholstery lecturer Susan Newman

It all started when I moved into my first home. I remember just staring at the curtains, knowing I could make my own with a better design. When I finally made them, everyone’s responses were unbelievable. All my friends and family kept asking me to make them a pair! I felt a sense of pride and realised I could make a career out of doing something I loved…

Shaun Horlock, Artist / Designer

Designer and artist Shaun Horlock is the founder of Openmind

There’s a long and personal reason as to why I called the brand Openmind. Essentially, I had a really rough time one summer. Came out of it feeling like I needed quite a few changes in my life. I still had some good experiences and it led me to the point where I was thinking, ‘There’s more out there than what I’m getting.’ It was a point where I was depressed and couldn’t face the outside world. Openmind saved me in a weird, roundabout way…