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Bournemouth Backchat Episode #19 — An Easter Wonderland Festival, Resurrection and A Lockdown Birthday

Bournemouth Backchat Season 2 Episode 5

Dale kicks things off this week with a brainstorm of ideas for an Easter Wonderland Festival in Bournemouth. In the same vein as the Christmas one held these last couple of years. In true¬†Backchat¬†style, it doesn’t stay serious very long. Even when we move over to James’ subject — one of life (or death)’s great questions. Namely, resurrection and the idea of coming back from the dead…

In Pictures: Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland 2019

Before we wave goodbye to it for another year, we thought we'd show off a few of our favourite snaps of the Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland... The 2019 Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland opened on 15th November. Since then, Bournemouth has been one massive festive scene. And as we prepare to say

Bournemouth Backchat Episode #13 — “Pantomime” Special

Bournemouth Backchat presents its season finale -- a pantomime inspired by our favourite topics

We didn’t want to end Bournemouth Backchat on a serious note… not that we were particularly serious to begin with! However, as it’s Christmas, it seemed fitting to divert from the usual discussion format. And, with many of our favourite topics in mind from across the series, we put together a mini pantomime of sorts. Starring James Boxall as our hero, Duncan from Blue; featuring Dale Hurst as the narrator and the villain Sir Chris, with Aaron Hayes filling a number of roles.