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Bournemouth Backchat Episode #13 — “Pantomime” Special

Bournemouth Backchat presents its season finale -- a pantomime inspired by our favourite topics

We didn’t want to end Bournemouth Backchat on a serious note… not that we were particularly serious to begin with! However, as it’s Christmas, it seemed fitting to divert from the usual discussion format. And, with many of our favourite topics in mind from across the series, we put together a mini pantomime of sorts. Starring James Boxall as our hero, Duncan from Blue; featuring Dale Hurst as the narrator and the villain Sir Chris, with Aaron Hayes filling a number of roles.

Susan Newman, Upholstery Lecturer

Upholstery lecturer Susan Newman

It all started when I moved into my first home. I remember just staring at the curtains, knowing I could make my own with a better design. When I finally made them, everyone’s responses were unbelievable. All my friends and family kept asking me to make them a pair! I felt a sense of pride and realised I could make a career out of doing something I loved…

Susie Kimber, Vocalist

Susie Kimber is a jazz, Motown and soul vocalist

As a big music lover, my dad would put on the most amazing records, which I’d listen to. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, for example. Also, Burt Bacharach’s catalogue, which I absolutely adore and would love to replicate at some point. Then there’s John Barry’s compositions – stunning, epic music like that. Glenn Campbell, Herb Alpert; the list goes on. And I think my dad instilled in me a passion for so many different genres. If you love music, you love all music. I also remember listening to my brother’s AC/DC records; I even saw them in concert with Highway to Hell. My passion has come from all that – the exposure to these genres quite early on in my life and just loving every type of music…