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Christian Ørner — On the Future of SALT Cø

SALT Cø founder Christian Ørner is a private chef and chocolatier

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Uj0VKQBQR4 We hear about some of the things on a chef's bucket list in this episode of our series on Christian Ørner. Plus, what lies in store for his business, SALT Cø, in the further future? From our chat with private chef and chocolatier Christian Ørner, we were quick to glean there

Christian Ørner — A Surprising Decision

SALT Cø founder Christian Ørner is a private chef and chocolatier

https://youtu.be/6vo7_UU4s2A Welcome to the start of a new series. Featuring a chef and chocolatier based in Westbourne, named Christian Ørner... Last week, we mentioned a festive pop-up restaurant being run by a private chef company called SALT Cø. This actually came off the back of our arranging an interview with the man

Andy Thakkar — The Electric Daydreams Begin

Andy Thakkar is the founder of Electric Daydreams Creative Bar Consultancy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOUPCfMVH7I&feature=youtu.be A new three-part series shows off one of the best in the business of creative bartending, Mr Andy Thakkar. Bar manager, mixologist, and the mind behind a brand-new creative bar consultancy... If you have ever been in The Dancing Moose, there's a chance you may have tried one or more of

Kamil Skalczyński, Chef

Chef and creator of Art Sushi Kamil Skalczynski

Several authorities in the food world gave me direction in making decisions and remaining consistent in what I do. People like René Redzepi of Copenhagen’s Noma, which has been voted the world’s best restaurant a few times. Also, Wojciech Modest Amaro, who was awarded the first Michelin Star in Poland. There are many others, but I would say the person who really gave me my taste for cooking is my father. He cooked great at home and taught me a lot. My mother always says, “You’re the same as your father!”…