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Rob Holmes — Moving into Jewellery

Rob Holmes is the founder of Collaborators' Cabin

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETASk-yxq54&feature=youtu.be He may have established his brand with the art of pyrography. But more recently, Collaborators' Cabin founder Rob Holmes has had something else up his sleeve... The art of wood burning is where the journey began for Rob Holmes and his brand, Collaborators' Cabin. But its recent, steady success has allowed

Bournemouth Backchat Episode #9 (Ft. Panashe Tauringana) — Property Development Business, Mental Health and North v. South

Bournemouth Backchat #9 features charity sportsperson Panashe Tauringana

The interview segment makes a return to Bournemouth Backchat, alongside another trio of amusing discussion points... As you know, we were unable to present an interview last week due to unforeseen circumstances. That segment is back in this week's edition of the HQB Media podcast, Bournemouth Backchat. But first, we'll give you

Rob Holmes — Starting with Pyrography

Rob Holmes is the founder of Collaborators' Cabin

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFAvNYCqgNg Finding a niche when starting a business is very important. How did Rob Holmes discover his would be the art of wood burning when he started Collaborators' Cabin? At Collaborators' Cabin, members of the public can go along to learn the unusual art form of wood burning. Otherwise known as pyrography.

Sue Curran of LivOliv Talks Vegan Cosmetics

LivOliv is fronted by Sue Curran

We love to look out for and promote local online businesses. From all walks of life, with all manner of missions. Take LivOliv Cosmetics, for example. A 100% cruelty-free, non-toxic and vegan cosmetic brand, brought to considerable success online…

Heather Williams & Fred Russias, Founders of Sourcing Playground

Sourcing Playground founders Fred Russias and Heather Williams

It sparked after I came back from a trade show in Hong Kong. I was thinking, “Okay, we do these trade shows, two or three times a year; aside from that how do I go about finding suppliers on a daily basis?” And for buyers across the board — from a start-up brand to an established company — there’s really only one well-known online platform to use, called Alibaba. But this is predominantly a China-centric platform…

Alice Wiffen, Founder of MuckyPups Dog Grooming

Founder of MuckyPups Dog Grooming, Alice Wiffen

I have always dreamt of owning my own business and equally I have always wanted to work with animals and in some way make a difference. This is going back two years ago, when I started MuckyPups Dog Grooming. I had just completed a degree in Animal Management and after some hard thinking, I felt determined to create something new and exciting. One morning, I woke up and knew then was the time to do it…