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Rick Walker, Artist / Creative Director

I have always loved drawing. I grew up in the late ’80s when people were really into hip-hop. Everyone wanted to be either a DJ, a breakdancer, or a graffiti artist. I was very bad for the two first ones, and actually quite good at drawing, so I got stuck to drawing. I got into graffiti at an early age and that’s what taught me that I had a passion for colours, typography, and illustration…

Zoltan Torre, Musician

Zoltan Torre, or just "zoltan." is a musician and singer based in Bournemouth

I always say that nothing particular inspired me to write this song. I just wanted to make something fun that gets you moving. I found the guitar loop that you can hear at the start of the song, and me and my friend Jake immediately started working on it. Even what I talk about in the song doesn’t really relate to me. I imagine it to be about a night out, meeting someone and having that tension between the two, all just happening on that night only; maybe becoming a one-night stand…

Matt England, Founder: Sun Rum

Sun Rum creator Matt England managed bars all over the country, including Bournemouth, before founding his brand.

About five years ago a friend and I went to a gin tasting evening and we were both at the point in our careers where we were both stable but were getting a bit restless with wanting to create something for ourselves; work for ourselves. So, I dipped my toes in spirits, manufacturing and retailing with gin and I loved the idea of it. But I felt the gin category was a very saturated market and I wanted to create something unique. I looked at a lot of data in regard to trends and other styles of drink and rum kept shouting out at me…

Bournemouth Backchat Episode #30 — Video Games, Autonomy, and Celebrities in Politics

Bournemouth Backchat Season 2 Episode 16

This week, Dale tries to convert Aaron, who has never owned a games console, into a gamer. Aaron, in turn, ponders over other states and societies following suit with Capitol Hill, Seattle and becoming autonomous, policeless zones. Following examples also forms a trigger for James’ topic, as he discusses if other celebrities should take a leaf from Marcus Rashford’s book and get more involved in politics…

Shopping Experience Returns to Bournemouth and Poole

It’s fair to say that shopping online isn’t exactly an unfamiliar experience anymore. Since the birth of Amazon and eBay, more and more people have taken to shopping online. That being said, it’s clear to see that people have really missed the traditional shopping experience since the country went into lockdown back in March…

Ali Khalid, Teacher

I was actually disappointed not to be able to pursue the job that I love doing every day and not see my students. I really engaged with them in the time we shared and it became part of my lifestyle. I also felt really bad for them — they had to stop their classes and activities here that they paid for in advance. Some of them were able to travel back to their countries, but others didn’t find any flights, so they had to stay here in lockdown on their own. Also some of them got stuck in other countries during their travels…

Bournemouth Backchat Episode #29 — Whitewashing History, and Knowledge is Power

Bournemouth Backchat Season 2 Episode 15

Aaron and James joined forces on a dual topic in this week’s episode of Bournemouth Backchat, coming together to talk about the world’s recent attempts at whitewashing history. Whether that’s in the form of mobs ripping down statues (and the fears for local heroes such as Robert Baden-Powell), or taking down certain episodes of much-loved sitcoms and films, which were just products of their times…

Local Musician’s BLM Rap to Play on BBC Radio

Clips from the BLM protest at Bournemouth Pier Approach feature in the rapumentary Thoughts of a Black Guy

The 6-minute video, entitled Thoughts of a Black Guy, which features clips of the Black Lives Matter protest on Bournemouth Pier Approach earlier this month, has already received a lot of positive responses. However, today, the musician and filmmaker revealed that the rap segment would be played on not only BBC Radio London at 10:30am on Wednesday 17th June, but also on BBC Radio Solent between 12 and 1pm that same day.