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Top Student Deals in Bournemouth

Student deals available in Bournemouth

Calling all students! HQB Media has gathered all the best student deals in Bournemouth you can’t afford to miss (quite literally!) Take a look below to start saving whilst making awesome memories in Bournemouth…

Joe Swaine, Golfer

Golfer Joe Swaine

I’ve been playing golf since I was 13, so about eight years ago. And that was when I joined Highcliffe Golf Club. It was a sort of a transitional period for me, as I played football as a youngster before I found a different passion in golf. But it was The Masters that really solidified my love…

BU Face Blindness Study Based on “Guess Who” Proves Promising

A study to help people with face blindness rehabilitation was based around the popular game Guess Who.

Bournemouth University researchers have brought a study to life to help people suffering with face blindness, also known as prosopagnosia. Researchers at the university have conducted a project adapting of the popular game Guess Who. This aimed to aid children in gaining a better understanding of recognising features of other faces and even develop skills from a social standpoint.

Bora Bora Desserts — Why Set Up Shop in Bournemouth?

Darja Stolarova is co-founder of Bora Bora Desserts. Here she tells Max Penny-Barrow about how the dessert bar got started

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy_ZckemYYI&feature=youtu.be Our chat with Bora Bora Desserts co-founder Darja Stolarova continues... Only a short video this week for the second part of our interview at Bora Bora Desserts. We find out what catering experience the co-founders all had prior to starting the business. And why Bournemouth was the place they chose to

Bora Bora Desserts — How did Bora Bora Begin?

Darja Stolarova is co-founder of Bora Bora Desserts. Here she tells Max Penny-Barrow about how the dessert bar got started

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdsN-S0vgQQ&fbclid=IwAR1dvCkB0iabfNd5P8GvIqBGmC70QC6Fo__Ucz6jFQDe60vQ1w0U2yxGskw A new four-parter begins with an introduction into Bora Bora, a plant-based dessert bar... If you were down by Bournemouth Pier as much as we were this summer, these guys may be familiar. Bora Bora Desserts is a plant-based dessert bar, offering a variety of ice creams and other vegan sweet

Bournemouth Backchat Episode #3 (with Emily Downes, ft. Emily Barker) — Climate Change, Superheroes, and Too Early for Christmas?

Bournemouth Backchat is presented by Aaron Hayes, Dale Hurst and James Boxall

HQB Media's podcast explores slightly more topical realms this week, in light of recent events... The worldwide climate change strikes could not be ignored. Our own Dom Hughes got down to Bournemouth's protest and now, James Boxall takes it on for his topic in this week's Bournemouth Backchat. Meanwhile, Dale Hurst discusses