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Bournemouth Backchat Episode #13 — “Pantomime” Special

Bournemouth Backchat presents its season finale -- a pantomime inspired by our favourite topics

We didn’t want to end Bournemouth Backchat on a serious note… not that we were particularly serious to begin with! However, as it’s Christmas, it seemed fitting to divert from the usual discussion format. And, with many of our favourite topics in mind from across the series, we put together a mini pantomime of sorts. Starring James Boxall as our hero, Duncan from Blue; featuring Dale Hurst as the narrator and the villain Sir Chris, with Aaron Hayes filling a number of roles.

Esteban D’Elia, Surfing Instructor

Surfing Instructor Esteban D'Elia

When you're right on the doorstep of a beautiful set of beaches, it's remarkable how watersports have never come under our radar until now! That all changes now, as we speak with surfing instructor Esteban D'Elia... Esteban D'Elia is the head coach and instructor at Sorted Surf School, located on Undercliff

Bournemouth Backchat Episode #11 (Ft. Prof. Sarah Bate) — The World Has Gone to Sh**, I’m a Celeb in Boscombe and the Monarchy

Professor Sarah Bate is the lead researcher for this face blindness study

This is the final non-Christmassy episode of Bournemouth Backchat for the season. With a good variety of discussion points for you... As we approach December, the final couple of episodes of the HQB podcast Bournemouth Backchat ought to be festively-themed. However, this gave us only this week to talk regular current

Bournemouth Backchat Episode #9 (Ft. Panashe Tauringana) — Property Development Business, Mental Health and North v. South

Bournemouth Backchat #9 features charity sportsperson Panashe Tauringana

The interview segment makes a return to Bournemouth Backchat, alongside another trio of amusing discussion points... As you know, we were unable to present an interview last week due to unforeseen circumstances. That segment is back in this week's edition of the HQB Media podcast, Bournemouth Backchat. But first, we'll give you

Bournemouth Backchat Episode #6 (Ft. Megan Saunders) — Drag, Street Theatre and a Hen Party Business

Bournemouth Backchat features an interview with Megan Saunders, a.k.a. Auntie Moo

Starting proceedings in this week’s episode of Bournemouth Backchat is Dale, who contemplates over recent content and talks drag acts. Aaron discusses bringing a taste of London street theatre to Bournemouth, to diversify the current buskers. And, following on from last week’s critique of a local business idea, James has one of his own to share…