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Empire Affair Return to the Stage

The band Empire Affair at an event in December 2018

Empire Affair, here pictured in November 2018, is made up of frontman and vocalist Neil Tallant, drummer Darren Sheppard, guitarists Matt Park and Jack Woolston, and bassist Tom Parrett. Nearly a year on from the last time we saw them, local band Empire Affair is now out of semi-retirement... Last November, when

Mikey Ball — Views on the Bournemouth Music Scene

Mikey Ball is a local singer and guitarist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxSQgXp4WaU&fbclid=IwAR1Ki2n9uU7b9JMY2f8U3_0AwvgZeCSkdNmxhmD5CFG0LCh5ZzCZ3yzC5oo With a wealth of experience playing it, Mikey Ball gives his true opinion of the Bournemouth live music scene... It is our penultimate outing in this particular series, surrounding local musician Mikey Ball. As someone who has played the local live music scene since he was 16, Mikey has witnessed its

Mikey Ball — The Band, The Songs, The Albums

Mikey Ball is a local singer and guitarist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTVKa953uiU&t=58s From his time as a solo artist, to forming Mikey Ball and the Company and producing albums. The next part in the story of this popular local musician... Mikey Ball first came to our attention as a solo guitarist and singer. But his two albums, the most recent of which was

Mikey Ball — Beginning with the Guitar

Mikey Ball is a local singer and guitarist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-unTYlzAeo Reuiniting with another familiar face from the Humans of Bournemouth age. Singer and guitarist Mikey Ball... This man will be familiar if you're a regular on the live music scene in Bournemouth. We heard some of the story of Mikey Ball when he released his second album last year. This time,

Empire Affair, Band

The band Empire Affair at an event in December 2018

We really liked Empire Affair because it was a very contrasting name. You have the connotation of an empire, which is grand and for all to see, and then on the flipside, you have an affair, which can be something very seedy, very dirty and quiet and secretive. We liked how contrasting those concepts were, and that’s why we went with it…