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Bournemouth Backchat Episode #14 — Valentine’s Special

Surprise! The team behind our podcast, Bournemouth Backchat, couldn’t resist producing a special episode. All in the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day…

It’s been two months since our podcast Bournemouth Backchat was producing weekly episodes. And there were a few ideas that we had, themed around the worlds of love, dating and relationships. As perfect a reason as any to produce a Valentine’s Day special episode.

The usual trio are back. Following a quick review of world affairs over last couple of months, they get down to brass tacks. Attempting to sell one another as the love of your life. Then hilarity ensues as Aaron gets a Tinder account. And finally, some couples’ counselling, courtesy of Dale Hurst. Disclaimer: none of the presenters are trained counsellors and have only done so in this podcast for satirical purposes.

As this was a surprise episode, there is no interview. However, we did get our resident crooner, Aaron, to produce a beloved love song, For Once in My Life.

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