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In Pictures: Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland 2019

Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland
At the entrance to the main trail, the Christmas Tree Wonderland makes sure you know where you are!

Before we wave goodbye to it for another year, we thought we’d show off a few of our favourite snaps of the Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland…

The 2019 Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland opened on 15th November. Since then, Bournemouth has been one massive festive scene. And as we prepare to say goodbye to it next week, we thought the time had come to publish a little gallery of shots taken from that opening weekend.

All these photos can be attributed to local photographer Patrick Čermák, by the way.

The Christmas Tree Wonderland trail spanned the entire of the lower Bournemouth Gardens. Not just with Christmas trees, but a wide variety of illuminations…
…Not just on the main path, either. The side paths too…
…Stretching past the Pavilion Theatre and Street Food Corner…
…To the brightly-shining Bournemouth Eye on the Pier Approach.
At night, you can appreciate the vibrant colours lighting the way through the trail. The bright red tree at the forefront is a new addition to the 2019 Wonderland.
Who tried their luck / skills on the ice rink this year? And who played it safe and enjoyed a mulled wine at the bar instead?
You couldn’t miss the giant animated tree at the centre of the gardens! Both an archway that you couldn’t avoid passing through, but also the site of regular music and light shows.
Hopefully, we can welcome all 100 of the Wonderland’s Christmas Trees back against next festive season!

In Other Content

The Christmas Tree Wonderland has popped up occasionally in other multimedia content, which you might be interested in. The festive edition of our podcast discussed what additions we could make to the trail in future. And even in the aptly Christmassy music video we released, in which Aaron James performs Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

The Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland will remain up and active in town centre until 2nd January 2020.

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