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Introducing Rising Tides — the New Film Festival Coming to Bournemouth

In a town with such a strong creative culture, it’s about time we had an outlet for original film work. And with that, we introduce the Rising Tides Film Festival…

It has even been a topic for discussion on our podcast that Bournemouth lacks a definitive film festival. Until now, that is. The Rising Tides Film Festival has since come to our attention, and as of 6th July, submissions are open.

Rising Tides is a new film festival set to exhibit student short films from all along the South West. The festival’s director and curator, Anne-Marie Dames, explained what inspired the project.

“Having done a Masters in Producing Film and Television at Bournemouth University, I felt like there was not much of an opportunity to watch student made films in the local area. We have two wonderful institutions that have a large number of talented filmmakers making projects constantly, which do not get seen in wider circles other than the classroom. I wanted to make something that allowed these students to showcase their talents as well as a place for people who do not necessarily see what these university students create to come see. Having been a part of a few film festivals in the past, I knew that these events are a great opportunity for all this to happen, so I thought, “Why not?”

The festival differs from others of its kind, as it is held entirely online, live streaming the films on a fortnightly basis.

“The plan initially was to have a physical festival with networking events and an award ceremony to celebrate the work made by students,” Anne-Marie explained. “But due to the current situation, I thought an online version would be ideal, especially as so many students are graduating this year without having had a chance to show their work. It will also showcase the resilience they have shown throughout lockdown by making low-budget shorts in that time.

The Rising Tides Film Festival’s director and curator Anne-Marie Dames hopes the fortnightly online event will showcase film students’ work to a much wider audience.

“With the fortnightly live streams, we want to get as many people viewing these shorts as possible, and give a chance for those who aren’t so sure yet to submit for a future stream. We are also hoping to open up our socials to showcase short films from across the globe as part of inspiring students to keep creating. As the festival goes on, I am sure there will be lots more additions that will make it different from the standard festivals, such as having continued structured live streams, panels for student filmmakers to be involved in and a variety of other online events.”

And what can viewers hope to expect from the festival in terms of the short films?

“There is a variety,” Anne-Marie assured us, “We have got comedy, drama and documentary so far and we are looking for anything and everything. This also includes animation, as I know that there is an incredible course focused on animation and it would be a shame not to show that off to the local community and other filmmakers.”

Students can check out Rising Tides’ social media channels for more information on submitting entries for the fortnightly live streams. While no specific date and time has been announced for the first stream, Anne-Marie hopes to launch at the end of July or beginning of August.

“When the streams are scheduled it will be a weekday evening for an hour to an hour and a half. Just so we can be accessible to as many people as possible. We will be live streaming these on YouTube, so it is free to watch for all.”

Anne-Marie told us that she hopes the festival will continue “as long as we have films to show”. But what are her hopes for the future of Rising Tides?

“I do really hope to hold a physical event in the future once it is safe and possible to do so as it was my original plan a few years ago. We plan to bring a bigger event to this local area so that there can be a chance for networking and collaboration for future projects as we try and nurture the growth of these filmmakers in the industry.”

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