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Poole Recycling Charity Needs More Storage

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Local recyling charity Ideas2action is overwhelmed with the demand as donated household waste items have doubled…

Set up six years ago, Poole-based charity Ideas2action aims to reduce the amount of household waste Dorset sends to landfill and recycling facilities. It does this through its community recycling projects.

Once a month, they hold 16 ‘win or waste’ sessions, which run in areas of Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch as well as the rest of Dorset. These sessions allow people to come together in their communities to bring items from their household waste. This can include crisp packets, bottle tops, corks, cleaning and beauty items.

The charity has been asking local businesses to help them by providing some more storage. This is a result of the charity going from 300 bags of recycling last year to 700 now.

What Does The Founder Say?

The founder of ideas2action, Monique Munroe, explained that these sessions do not only help educate people about what they can do with their waste. They also help at least ten good causes a month by using items for their service delivery and by raising funds.

Interest in the charity has continued to grow:

“We’ve got about 65 volunteers working with us now,” says Monique. “It’s growing all the time people are really keen on what we are doing and they want to get involved. We don’t demand too much of people — it’ s only once a month.

“You can’t expect people to save the world by themselves. But they can commit to coming to a win or waste session to help make a difference.”  

The greater awareness people have towards the environment has widely increased the demand for the charity. Monique believes, “Things like David Attenborough’s documentaries have raised awareness. People are more aware of plastic problems. We offer something people can go out and do.”

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