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Zoltan Torre, Musician

Zoltan Torre, or just "zoltan." is a musician and singer based in Bournemouth

I always say that nothing particular inspired me to write this song. I just wanted to make something fun that gets you moving. I found the guitar loop that you can hear at the start of the song, and me and my friend Jake immediately started working on it. Even what I talk about in the song doesn’t really relate to me. I imagine it to be about a night out, meeting someone and having that tension between the two, all just happening on that night only; maybe becoming a one-night stand…

Emma Gale, Singer-Songwriter

I always wanted to sing, so when I was like in my early teens I did something like the ‘gang show’ in Essex, where I come from, and that was the Scout movement. That was my first taste of being on the stage. Then I joined a local dramatic group and I did some shows and musicals when I was very young. I didn’t get into a band until I was 25; I started off as a backing singer in Cambridge for a covers band. Then I moved down here and set up my own band…

Local Musician’s BLM Rap to Play on BBC Radio

Clips from the BLM protest at Bournemouth Pier Approach feature in the rapumentary Thoughts of a Black Guy

The 6-minute video, entitled Thoughts of a Black Guy, which features clips of the Black Lives Matter protest on Bournemouth Pier Approach earlier this month, has already received a lot of positive responses. However, today, the musician and filmmaker revealed that the rap segment would be played on not only BBC Radio London at 10:30am on Wednesday 17th June, but also on BBC Radio Solent between 12 and 1pm that same day.

Josh Tucker, Actor / Musician

Josh Tucker is an actor, musician and director from Poole

I actually had two roles in the first show I ever did – “Bugsy Malone” at the Jellicoe, I played Babyface and Snake Eyes, and I have very fond memories from that show. Particularly my big moment as Babyface, coming out on stage with a baseball bat…

New Milton’s Forest Arts Centre Moves Online

Forest Arts Centre, usually a thriving  hub for music, theatre and workshops, has moved online and developed new, online courses tailored for people of all ages during lockdown.

In light of the recent pandemic, many businesses and industries have had to adapt and modernise, and Forest Arts Centre is no different. Hosting a plethora of newly-developed online courses in collaboration with fellow Hampshire Cultural Trust venues, the company is working hard to continue serving as a popular social hub for families and older people…

Jake Blenkinship, Singer

This album is basically the manifestation of everything I’ve felt over the past year. Most of the things that have happened to me since I started it have gone in there. Over the past three years of releasing music, I’ve been finding out who I want to be as an artist and what I want to sound like, and this album is a milestone in that discovery…

Bournemouth Tailors Genna Amera Making Scrubs for NHS Workers

Genna Amera founder Genna Tourh has scrubs available for purchase

The National Health Service has been at the front of our minds throughout this pandemic. And the Bournemouth tailor Genna Amera is no exception. Founder Genna Tourh announced last week that she will be putting her skills to good use producing scrubs for NHS workers…

Tim Somerfield: On Weekly Live Stream Concerts And Making Money Under Lockdown

Musician Tim Somerfield has been delivering weekly live stream performances, both to entertain fans and maintain something of a stable income

This week, we hear from musician Tim Somerfield, whose event diary was full until lockdown was enforced. We learn how he instead took to doing weekly concerts via live stream. Not only to entertain his fans, but also support himself… Local musicians holding live stream concerts is a natural adjustment while

Mikey Ball and the Company Hold Live Stream Gig to “Provide Entertainment and Positivity”

Mikey Ball and the Company went live on Facebook for their fans after a cancelled gig

Gigs may be cancelled, but this won't stop a certain local band. Mikey Ball and the Company just took to Facebook Live to entertain their fans instead... With venues closing left, right and centre, live music is one of the many local scenes bound to suffer. However, for one local band,

Hengistbury Head Used for Scenes in Upcoming Docu-series

Hengistbury Head was used as a location for D-Day scenes

Local history buffs and documentary lovers might want to keep your eyes peeled soon. An upcoming Channel 5 series about World War II is set to feature scenes shot at one of your favourite natural landmarks. Namely, Hengistbury Head.