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Liam Ulla, Founder: The Coacoara Foundation

I have always wanted to own a charity, or something that can give back, throughout my life, and be there when I’m not here as well. Last year, I was approached to do ‘Mr Dorset’, which means that you represent Dorset for England, and if you win you then represent England for the world. I met a lady who gave me the inspiration to really push for what I want, what I believe in and what I could do, and to set up the foundation…

Northbourne Pub Called “Pillar of the Community” During Lockdown

The Crown at Northbourne has been supporting their local community in a number of ways during lockdown

It’s all a bit surreal, isn’t it? Our streets, once rife with the hustle-and-bustle of commuters, shoppers and local food stalls, now a ghost town. But not everyone is staying inside. The Crown in Northbourne has a long history of fundraising and a charitable attitude within the community, and COVID-19 hasn’t slowed them down…

Lewis-Manning Hospice Secures Support via LinkedIn

Lewis-Manning CEO Clare Galley received support from several local companies, including Saxby Lighting

CEO Clare Gallie appealed to her colleagues and connections for support via the social network, which attracted the attention of Hannah Nardini at WKspace. This Worcestershire-based company specialises in corporate interior design, counting brands such as The Body Shop and Marie Curie among her clients…

Jack Pyne — The Shirt Framing Service

The Shirt Framing Service was founded by Jack Pyne

Last time we spoke to Jack Pyne, founder of The Shirt Framing Service, this was Humans of Bournemouth. A couple of years have passed since then, and with them, some growth to this sports memorabilia service. And so we were more than pleased to head over to the head office in Broadstone and catch up with Jack…

Bournemouth University Presents the Row Britannia Challenge

Bournemouth University's Talbot campus will be one of the two sites where students can take part in the Row Britannia Challenge for University Mental Health Day. Credit: Emily Downes

Two BU campuses are to hold the Row Britannia Challenge, to promote better mental health across the university... Bournemouth University has announced plans to hold the Row Britannia Challenge. That's a five-day challenge to row 2,020 miles, in support of University Mental Health Day. The event will also raise funds for

Daniel Manuel & Faye Millington — Coming Up from F.F.C.

Daniel Manuel and Faye Millington are committee members of the Bournemouth branch of F.F.C.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypK2LgCsN14&feature=youtu.be Time to play catch-up and finish off stories from last year. Beginning with the sports charity F.F.C., and their Bournemouth reps Daniel Manuel and Faye Millington... Apologies for the lack of new video content so far this year! We've been a bit busy making sure every video we've produced so far

Daniel Manuel & Faye Millington — Participating in F.F.C. Events

Daniel Manuel and Faye Millington are committee members of the Bournemouth branch of F.F.C.

https://youtu.be/ipyaH-h96Es Segueing nicely from last episode, Daniel Manuel and Faye Millington tell us about participating in the events of F.F.C... F.F.C. (or Friends Fighting Cancer) runs sports-based charity events to raise awareness and funds to support families affected by cancer. It began with football (when the charity's name stood for Football for

Daniel Manuel & Faye Millington — Our Involvement in F.F.C.

Daniel Manuel and Faye Millington are committee members of the Bournemouth branch of F.F.C.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5t9cs5EDXmc&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3t2KI6ZelAy2qMlbyzdE5DorJpt8VHsIACqVO7eXgtVHA4ea08iuQqUwY Welcome to the second part of our interview with Bournemouth F.F.C. committee members Daniel Manuel and Faye Millington. Last time we learned about the charity's mission. But how did this duo personally get involved? There are countless reasons why a person gets involved in a charity. And in a charity called

Daniel Manuel & Faye Millington — The Origins of F.F.C.

Daniel Manuel and Faye Millington are committee members of the Bournemouth branch of F.F.C.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjnOXKOm5jM&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2jZ7k8C0_YfCf_SrfaDZSIVdgXVcOnbaouJe3EDJbPuopl-z0Uw8ItvME Continuing our trend of stories relating to doing sport for good causes, we spoke to two committee members from the Bournemouth branch of a charity called F.F.C. In this case, that stands for Friends Fighting Cancer... Sport is an area that we have always struggled to cover here at HQB Media,