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Rick Walker, Artist / Creative Director

I have always loved drawing. I grew up in the late ’80s when people were really into hip-hop. Everyone wanted to be either a DJ, a breakdancer, or a graffiti artist. I was very bad for the two first ones, and actually quite good at drawing, so I got stuck to drawing. I got into graffiti at an early age and that’s what taught me that I had a passion for colours, typography, and illustration…

Matt Evans, Founder: Box of Well Nice Stuff

Matt Evans is the founder of Box of Well Nice Stuff

The box was a collection of some of my favourite local artists’ work. The works were created into some awesome, unique products. We made stickers, colouring books, badges, prints and my favourite was the temporary tattoos! They allowed people to wear the artists’ work on their skin, which was quite exciting…

Katherine Cromwell, Pet Portraitist

After graduation, she spent a short time in London working for Lawray Architects. “Soon I realised that architecture was not for me and I needed to figure out what to do in life,” she said. Also, city life was not particularly appealing to newly-married Katherine and the couple moved to Dorset. While still sorting out her career path, she found a part-time job at Poole Pottery, where she helped visitors to experience what it takes to create an item out of clay…

Ian Hargreaves, Artist

In a tiny studio, tucked in the back yard of his home in Poole, fine artist Ian Hargreaves creates dreamy paintings of Venice, lush scenery of the New Forest, and gentle scenes of everyday life. Then his paintings travel to galleries and private collections across England, Europe, and the US…

ZeroC Holds Bedroom Design Competition for Kids

ZeroC has rolled out a competition for children aged 11 and under to design their dream bedroom.

Dorset property developer ZeroC wants to keep your kids busy in lockdown. So they've rolled out this little competition to get their creative juices flowing... As lockdown continues, you may be running out of things to occupy the kids with. But the property development company ZeroC has announced a competition that

Dorset Coronavirus Archive Project Up and Running After “Fantastic” Response

Last week, a call-out was issued to anyone in Dorset who might want to “make history”. The Dorset History Centre and Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts, have partnered up to collate the “Corona Diary”. This project will archive a range of different people’s experiences of the coronavirus pandemic from across the county. In order to tell the story of the virus and its impact on Dorset for future generations…

Chris Farrier-Ledden, Photographer

Chris Farrier-Ledden is a photographer from Bournemouth

I have always been quite artistic. When I was doing my GCSEs, I enjoyed painting and drawing – I still do even now. But I got into photography when I was in Year 11, so 15 or 16. I don’t think you had to photography but it helped towards a piece of coursework, and so I went with my dad to Corfe Castle, to shoot the sunrise. And I remember, it wasn’t even a particularly nice sunrise. But I always remember really enjoying it; I love being outdoors, camping, fishing and hiking, so I just really loved the experience…

Miroslav Lucan — Further Afield and the Future

Miroslav Lucan is a street artist who goes under the name of LucanArt

https://youtu.be/X6u8g13daDw We come to the end of our chat with street artist Miroslav Lucan. Although based in Bournemouth, we wanted to find out where else his creations can be found... A few weeks ago, we began our series on street artist Miroslav Lucan, a.k.a. LucanArt. It was a strange one for us

Miroslav Lucan — Creating and Working as LucanArt

Miroslav Lucan is a street artist who goes under the name of LucanArt

So far, our interview with Miroslav Lucan has been more themed around street art itself. As opposed to his personal involvement in it. That all changes in this next part of our interview with him, however. We find out how he settled on his street artist name, and what sorts of projects he enjoys working on. Plus, has he been responsible for some of the bold pieces of artwork we can see around Bournemouth town centre…?

Miroslav Lucan — Graffiti vs. Street Art

Miroslav Lucan is a street artist who goes under the name of LucanArt

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Mjj8gSIuJ4 It's a blurry line between what classes as street art and what classes as graffiti. Street artist Miroslav Lucan offers his opinion... Is street art actually art? Or is it just shameless vandalism? Depends on who you ask, really. Obviously, people like Banksy, David Choe and Eduardo Kobra have earned legendary status