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BU Face Blindness Study Based on “Guess Who” Proves Promising

A study to help people with face blindness rehabilitation was based around the popular game Guess Who.

Bournemouth University researchers have brought a study to life to help people suffering with face blindness, also known as prosopagnosia. Researchers at the university have conducted a project adapting of the popular game Guess Who. This aimed to aid children in gaining a better understanding of recognising features of other faces and even develop skills from a social standpoint.

Another 5 Photographers in Bournemouth to Look Out For

Daniel Wretham is a specialist in landscape photography

Bournemouth can be described as a photographer’s dream. A landscape and scenery worthy of capturing anyone’s imagination. Meanwhile, these five collective individuals have captured the towns idyllic and quaint setting in the most effective ways. With the foundations of our publication being established on art and photography, we thought they’d be no better way than to highlight some of the town’s picture perfectionists…