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Rick Walker, Artist / Creative Director

I have always loved drawing. I grew up in the late ’80s when people were really into hip-hop. Everyone wanted to be either a DJ, a breakdancer, or a graffiti artist. I was very bad for the two first ones, and actually quite good at drawing, so I got stuck to drawing. I got into graffiti at an early age and that’s what taught me that I had a passion for colours, typography, and illustration…

Emma Gale, Singer-Songwriter

I always wanted to sing, so when I was like in my early teens I did something like the ‘gang show’ in Essex, where I come from, and that was the Scout movement. That was my first taste of being on the stage. Then I joined a local dramatic group and I did some shows and musicals when I was very young. I didn’t get into a band until I was 25; I started off as a backing singer in Cambridge for a covers band. Then I moved down here and set up my own band…

Ali Khalid, Teacher

I was actually disappointed not to be able to pursue the job that I love doing every day and not see my students. I really engaged with them in the time we shared and it became part of my lifestyle. I also felt really bad for them — they had to stop their classes and activities here that they paid for in advance. Some of them were able to travel back to their countries, but others didn’t find any flights, so they had to stay here in lockdown on their own. Also some of them got stuck in other countries during their travels…