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Chris Farrier-Ledden, Photographer

Chris Farrier-Ledden is a photographer from Bournemouth

I have always been quite artistic. When I was doing my GCSEs, I enjoyed painting and drawing – I still do even now. But I got into photography when I was in Year 11, so 15 or 16. I don’t think you had to photography but it helped towards a piece of coursework, and so I went with my dad to Corfe Castle, to shoot the sunrise. And I remember, it wasn’t even a particularly nice sunrise. But I always remember really enjoying it; I love being outdoors, camping, fishing and hiking, so I just really loved the experience…

Henry Cakebread — Producing “Weekend Wandering: The Outback”

Weekend Wandering: The Outback creator Henry Cakebread is a freelance filmmaker and editor based in Poole

https://youtu.be/M1H_osntEvE After last week's well-received introduction to freelance filmmaker Henry Cakebread, we now examine his recent release more closely. An in-depth look into the production of "Weekend Wandering: The Outback". The main purpose behind our interview with Henry Cakebread - a freelance filmmaker based in Poole - was to talk about his

End of Dry January 2020 Events in Poole and Bournemouth

Dry January is over. Make up for lost time at one of these local venues.

If you are among the many (or the few) that committed to Dry January this year and made it all 31 days, you might be looking to celebrate. Luckily, some places in Bournemouth and Poole thought ahead and are bringing the deals and parties to you. So we scoured our favourite places to find you the best End of Dry January events…

Brand-new seafood restaurant Rockfish joins Poole Quay

Rockfish is the latest restaurant to make its home on Poole Quay

Rockfish also catch and cook their own fish. Their produce is sourced from Brixham Fish Market, (where Rockfish has its very own fishing boat) and local fishermen. From there, the chefs cook the fish on a planch, over a char-grill, or, of course, by traditionally frying. The restaurant will serve its much-loved fish and chips, in addition to a range of seafood which includes whole sea bass, prawns and Dover sole. Rockfish will also serve a local delicacy — Portland pearl oysters, meaning there is an incredible selection and variety available…

Dan Partridge, Performer

Dan Partridge is an award-winning actor and performer in the West End

A new jewel in the HQB interview crown now. An up-and-coming performer whose talents have not just graced this country, but on stages across Europe. We sat down with actor, singer and dancer Dan Partridge... The unpredictable lifestyle and schedule of a stage performer can wreak havoc on getting interviews with

Henry Cakebread — BMXing and Filmmaking: Which Came First?

Weekend Wandering: The Outback creator Henry Cakebread is a freelance filmmaker and editor based in Poole

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWzBXEkTUdc&feature=youtu.be This new series on local freelance filmmaker Henry Cakebread kicks off with our finding out which of his two loves came first. Was it BMXing and other extreme sports? Or was it the desire to capture things and tell stories on camera? We said in yesterday's article about our plans to

Daniel Manuel & Faye Millington — Coming Up from F.F.C.

Daniel Manuel and Faye Millington are committee members of the Bournemouth branch of F.F.C.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypK2LgCsN14&feature=youtu.be Time to play catch-up and finish off stories from last year. Beginning with the sports charity F.F.C., and their Bournemouth reps Daniel Manuel and Faye Millington... Apologies for the lack of new video content so far this year! We've been a bit busy making sure every video we've produced so far

Coastal Comedy Presents: Lost Voice Guy

Coastal Comedy presents its Colossal Show headliner, Lost Voice Guy

2020 sees a Britain's Got Talent winner headline the stage of our favourite local comedy club, Coastal Comedy... The Colossal Show by Coastal Comedy hits The Lighthouse at the beginning of next month. And, as ever, founder and hostess Adrienne Coles has a starry hand-picked line-up for us. Headlining the big

Christian Ørner — On the Future of SALT Cø

SALT Cø founder Christian Ørner is a private chef and chocolatier

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Uj0VKQBQR4 We hear about some of the things on a chef's bucket list in this episode of our series on Christian Ørner. Plus, what lies in store for his business, SALT Cø, in the further future? From our chat with private chef and chocolatier Christian Ørner, we were quick to glean there