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Gabrielle Reid, Boxer

Gabrielle Reid is a boxer who fights to support the Cerebral Palsy Sport charity

16-year-old Gabrielle Reid has right hemiplegia, a form of Cerebral Palsy that affects muscle control and movement. But she hasn’t allowed that to stop her doing what she loves most: boxing. Quite the opposite, actually. She has used the sport to not only improve her own condition, but raise money to support the charity Cerebral Palsy Sport. This cause supports Cerebral Palsy suffers in achieving their athletic potential and improve their quality of life through sporting activities…

Miroslav Lucan — Choosing Street Art

Miroslav Lucan is a street artist who goes under the name of LucanArt

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8FiuC0CfXM A bit further afield than our usual stomping ground for this interview. We took a trip to Southampton, but to interview a Bournemouth-based street artist. By name, Miroslav Lucan. A.K.A. LucanArt... We planned to get an interview with street artist Miroslav Lucan all the way back when we were Humans of Bournemouth.

Restaurant of the Year 2019

Restaurant of the Year 2019

It's time to announce the winner of our most recent reader poll. Who did you name the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Restaurant of the Year for 2019? It's been about a year since we announced that Humans of Bournemouth readers had voted Terroir Tapas the best restaurant in the area. Its

Bournemouth Backchat Episode #11 (Ft. Prof. Sarah Bate) — The World Has Gone to Sh**, I’m a Celeb in Boscombe and the Monarchy

Professor Sarah Bate is the lead researcher for this face blindness study

This is the final non-Christmassy episode of Bournemouth Backchat for the season. With a good variety of discussion points for you... As we approach December, the final couple of episodes of the HQB podcast Bournemouth Backchat ought to be festively-themed. However, this gave us only this week to talk regular current

Issy Whitlock — Moving Forward as a Musician

Issy Whitlock is a singer/songwriter and guitarist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxyYq3f3UC4&feature=youtu.be Our sit-down with singer and songwriter Issy Whitlock reaches its last chapter, in which we discuss upcoming and future projects... Issy Whitlock came to our attention in the first place when we saw her live in concert. However, Live & Unheard is only designed to be a stepping stone for local musicians

Joe Swaine, Golfer

Golfer Joe Swaine

I’ve been playing golf since I was 13, so about eight years ago. And that was when I joined Highcliffe Golf Club. It was a sort of a transitional period for me, as I played football as a youngster before I found a different passion in golf. But it was The Masters that really solidified my love…

Mikey Ball Performs “Red Lights”

Mikey Ball performed Red Lights live in Bournemouth Gardens

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=An974uU_H7U&fbclid=IwAR1awC5092SZsyCctYzhfO4tAMzb8VJXwhIxuK--qgheK-rV3JoMr9zcriM What better perk of interviewing a musician than to hear and see them in action? Here, Mikey Ball performs one of his own creations, "Red Lights". If we film an interview, we like to ask the subject to show off their skills if possible. You have seen it before in our

BU Face Blindness Study Based on “Guess Who” Proves Promising

A study to help people with face blindness rehabilitation was based around the popular game Guess Who.

Bournemouth University researchers have brought a study to life to help people suffering with face blindness, also known as prosopagnosia. Researchers at the university have conducted a project adapting of the popular game Guess Who. This aimed to aid children in gaining a better understanding of recognising features of other faces and even develop skills from a social standpoint.

Rob Holmes — Future of the Cabin

Rob Holmes is the founder of Collaborators' Cabin

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWdvf_BgBJ8&feature=youtu.be As always, we save the future for the final chapter. Rob Holmes lays out what his plans for the Collaborators' Cabin are, moving forward... The last three parts of our interview with Rob Holmes revealed how his business has progressed. From its beginnings in wood burning, to running public sessions; then

Bournemouth Backchat Episode #10 (Ft. Farbod Shakouri) — Neighbours, Mid-Life Crisis and Casting Your Life Story

Bournemouth Backchat features tech entrepreneur and augmented reality specialist Farbod Shakouri

Bournemouth Backchat covers a wider range of topics this week, from the generic to the surreal... While there's no shortage of goings-on in the Bournemouth area, we're saving all this for later episodes. As we hit our tenth episode, Bournemouth Backchat covers more generic content. But the results are no less