Rick Walker, Artist / Creative Director

Posted on 8 July 20200

The artist Rick Walker is getting ready to go back to the streets, so he can continue transforming them into outdoor galleries... Talent from Bournemouth and

Zoltan Torre, or just "zoltan." is a musician and singer based in Bournemouth

Zoltan Torre, Musician

Before he releases his new single worldwide, we managed to squeeze in a quick Q&A with yet another of Bournemouth's thriving musical community. Namely, Zoltan

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Sun Rum creator Matt England managed bars all over the country, including Bournemouth, before founding his brand.

Matt England, Founder: Sun Rum

In our latest interview, we find out that Lymington-based Matt England marches to the beat of his own rum... When it comes to summer spirits, rum


The Shirt Framing Service was founded by Jack Pyne

Jack Pyne — The Shirt Framing Service

Posted on 3 March 20200

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS-_8FdgkXw&feature=youtu.be Allow us to reintroduce you to an old friend of ours. As HQB Media puts the spotlight on local businesspeople, we reunite with Jack Pyne

Weekend Wandering: The Outback creator Henry Cakebread is a freelance filmmaker and editor based in Poole

Henry Cakebread — The Next Project

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnkgJ8VbAhw The time has come to wave goodbye to Henry Cakebread, the freelance filmmaker behind "Weekend Wandering: The Outback". Following the release of that lengthy project,